Intensive Course

intensive italian course in florenceThis is our intensive course consisting of 4 lessons per day from Monday to Friday, for a total of 20 lessons a week. The lessons are divided in 2 lessons of grammar and 2 lessons of conversation during which you will practice what you have just learned. The classes are made up of maximum 14 students coming from all over the world, which is why you will have to speak only in Italian ! And it will come naturally to you – try it to believe it !

The course begins every Monday for those who already have knowledge of the language and every two weeks for beginners.

It is possible to follow this course from one week to up to a year, with discounts for medium and long-term courses.

Course Facts

DurationCorse N°LessonsFeesSave
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1 week 110 20 € 210 -
2 weeks 111 40 € 380 € 190 per week / save € 20 per week
3 weeks 112 60 € 540 € 180 per week / save € 30 per week
4 weeks 113 80 € 720 € 180 per week / save € 30 per week
5 weeks 121 100 € 800 € 160 per week / save € 50 per week
12 weeks 131 240 € 1800 € 150 per week / save € 60 per week
24 weeks 141 480 € 3120 € 130 per week / save € 80 per week
48 weeks 151 960 € 5280 € 110 per week / save € 100 per week
Course Facts & Notes
  • Participants: maximum 14 students
  • Starting dates: Every Monday
  • Beginners: click to view dates
  • Levels recommended: beginners - advanced
  • A €70 enrollment fee valid for 12 months must be paid for any enrollment

Student Opinions

Martyna Jurgaś

Country: Poland - Source: Testimonial

martyna jurgas student of italian language intensive course in Florence

I am extremely happy that I had such possibility to participate in the course in Leonardo da Vinci school.The level of teaching and the atmosphere that I found there were one of the best things that I've had during my stay in Italy. Already after few weeks, I could notice that the level of my Italian language was significantly improved. Monica has been my teacher for 3 months. Undoubtedly I can say that I owe her how much I have learnt. The classes were very interesting, we have never been bored. She is a person who is always full of energy, cheerful and nice, whose energy makes us eager to learn Italian even when the grammar gave us a hard time. In addition, in the first days of the course I already made friends from different countries. I hope that our friendship will last for years. At the end, I think that I don’t have to encourage anybody to come to Florence. If somebody has already been here even for a moment, then he knows this breathtaking charm of that city.


Marvin Heins

Age: 32 - Country: Holland - Source: Testimonial

Marvin Heins student of italian language in florence

When I arrived here in the School, I didn’t know anyone, but I felt part of them since the first day. After only a week almost all the teachers had learnt my name! Teachers really care about their work, they always have time to answer your questions, even after the lesson and they are always willing to have some chat. I think that this is one of the reasons why the atmosphere is so pleasant. After the lessons there are always things to do and lots of choices for your free time! I think there is really no time to get bored. I cannot do anything but suggesting this school to anyone!



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