Emmy Ingeborg Bakåsmoen-Holm

Country: Sweden - Source: Testimonial

Emmy Ingeborg, student in Florence

I spent a year at the Leonardo Da Vinci language school in Florence. When I started I knew nothing about the Italian language, but after a year I had learned enough to start at the university of Florence and study in Italian.I spent a year at the Leonardo Da Vinci language school in Florence. When I started I knew nothing about the Italian language, but after a year I had learned enough to start at the university of Florence and study in Italian.I would highly recommend the school if you´re looking to study Italian in any level. The teachers are competent and inspirational and the teaching methods are diverse and thorough. You get a good understanding of grammar and language structure, but also Italian culture and history.
Another great thing about the school is the wide range of nationalities of the students you meet. Just as much as you learn Italian, you also get a greater understanding of other cultures, how different we are, but also how alike we are. This is something that I came to appreciate greatly and made my year a very special one.


Roberto Ioannides

Country: Cyprus - Source: Testimonial

“roberto ioannides student in florence

Hi everyone I am Roberto! I am Cypriot-Finnish and I came to Florence to join Scuola Leonardo da Vinci for 6 months. These 6 months were simply incredible, not only for the fact that I was learning Italian, but also because of the environment and all the great people I met from all over the world! The teaching method was wonderful and really useful, because every weeek we had the opportunity to learn with new teachers and different styles of teaching. The school helped me a lot not only to learn Italian, but also with all the other things I needed and it made my life in Italy even better.


Olga Zubova

Country: Russia - Source: TripAdvisor

olga zubova student of italian language in florence

If you want to learn Italian this school is the right place! I was in the school in october 2015 for 5 weeks. This month was just amazing. The programme is really good, the teachers are skilled, interesting and qualified. The free time activities are also very interesting! I would like to thank my teachers Tiziana and Barbara! I found many new friends in Florence and the city is just beautiful, easy to get around and friendly!

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Lucy Vannata

Country: Australia - Source: Testimonial

lucy vannata student of italian language in florence

I would like to highly recommend the art history tours organised by the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci. We were fortunate to have the well-versed and knowledgable, Monica lead us. The tours were conducted in Italian and relatively easy to understand as Monica pitched the information to our needs and level. What I loved most about the tours was her ability to make the characters and protagonists of the time 'come alive'! This was truly wonderful as we could visualise Michelangelo, Botticelli and other famous artists and sculptors working and contemplating their designs. I also loved learning about the Medici family for example and the important role they played in Florence. We felt as if we got to know the characters as Monica was able to recount stories about them vividly and with endless energy and enthusiasm! Grazie Monica!!


Alex Grasso

Country: United States - Source: Testimonial

alex grasso student of italian language in florence

I attended the Corso di Storia dell'Arte to learn more about museums in Florence. I knew that it would be in Italian, and I might have difficulty with it. However, Monica is fantastic; Her Italian is extremely clear, her enthusiasm is contagious. It is easy to see that she knows and loves the Art of Florence and the Renaissance. She explained the significant details, and also, taught us many of the fun trivial items. She was thoroughly prepared. She is the best. I highly recommend these courses for any student who wants to learn more about some of the major art institutions, and also some of the lesser touristy. I cannot wait to return to Florence and take more classes with Monica.


Tamay Bicer

Country: Turkey - Source: Testimonial

tamay bicer student of italian language in florence

My experience at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci was wonderful. The teachers I worked with and stuff was very kind and helpful. I did a Preparation Course for Accademia delle Belli Arti di Firenze - school of painting. During my stay in Scuola Leonardo da Vinci, I had drawing session of naturmort, some sculpture lessons and life drawing with a model. Besides that i did some copies from masters, like Leonardo and Ribera. After some practice for drawing, I started to work on painting. I tried two techniques: tempera and oil. I really enjoyed working with oil. The program that I did at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci was very personal, based on my natural talents and my weakness too. I had a very effective communication with my teachers so we always focused on my needs to accomplish the exam. At the end of 1.5 month of study, I accomplished the exam, I got accepted to Accademia delle belli arti di Firenze!.


Maria Emilia Viteri Banda

Country: Ecuador - Source: Testimonial

maria emilia viteri banda student of italian language in florenceI started the programme “Academic Year” in Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Firenze in 2013. Today, I am starting my third year in this beautiful city and everything is thanks to this great school, that not only taught me one of the most beautiful languages of the world, but also very usefull knowledge about the culture, which I would have never have learned without the help of the teacher of the school. Teachers and staff are very carefull to the needs and the requests of every single student, offering always the adequate information and a big smile!


Catriona Turnbull

Country: England - Source: Testimonial

catriona turnbull student of italian language in florenceDuring my time spent at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci, I attended lessons for the preparation of a language diploma, B2. The course itself was very thorough and all aspects of the exam were covered in depth. I had practice speaking, writing, reading and listening which gave me confidence sitting the exam. The teaching and preparation was excellent, with help and support given from fantastic teachers and was very well prepared. I would highly recommend the course for anyone who is considering sitting a diploma in Italian.

Alessandro Roffi

Country: Italy - Source: Testimonial

Alessandro Roffi student of italian language in florence

I attended the DITALS Preparation Course in Scuola Leonardo da Vinci in Florence in 2012. I found myself in a joyful and stimulating environment, with many students who were enthusiastic about studying Italian and many good teachers, always ready to help. The lecturers provided us with the necessary tools to get ready to the exam in the best way possible. The course was really formative: I learnt a lot enjoying the time thanks to the high level of professionallity of the teachers. Taking a course and doing my internship in this school gave me the opportunity of growing professionally speaking. I recommend anyone interested in working in this field to go through this kind of experience and attend this course!


Bianca Navas

Country: Ecuador - Source: Testimonial

Bianca Navas student of italian language in florence

I took 5 weeks of private lessons and I enjoyed them a lot. Thanks to the lessons, I am more fluent and I speak with less hesitations. My vocabulary has increased consistently. I got on really well with my teacher, who was  ready to adapt the lessons to my needs!


Paola Murphy

Country: United States - Source: Testimonial

The experience in Florence, the school and the accommodation were fantastic. I have learned a lot, much more than I expected. Teaching method was really excellent! I found the text books particularly good, especially the stituational excersices, really useful for conversation. Also all the free time activities were really well organized and interesting.


Kazuyuki Sawamoto

Country: Japan - Source: Testimonial

I was really satisfied with the school and with the programme of La Dolce Vita. Accommodation was great and the hosting family really helpful. The informations we received about the course was adequate and we received all kid of assistance from the Front Desk della scuola. I would definetely recomend the school and “La Dolce Vita” programme.


Martin Wolff

Age: 32 - Country: Germany - Source: Testimonial

Martin Wolff student of italian language in florenceI have to admit. I was spectical before my first day in “Scuola Leonardo da Vinci, Firenze”. How on earth would they be able to make me understand and speak at least some italian within only 2 weeks? By not even talking German or English to me..But what shall I say: they made it! with patience and humor and without making me feel “under pressure”. Especially the 2 daily hours on top did me good. Just talking...more and more, day by day….I really spent  a great time in the School. 


Marvin Heins

Age: 32 - Country: Holland - Source: Testimonial

Marvin Heins student of italian language in florence

When I arrived here in the School, I didn’t know anyone, but I felt part of them since the first day. After only a week almost all the teachers had learnt my name! Teachers really care about their work, they always have time to answer your questions, even after the lesson and they are always willing to have some chat. I think that this is one of the reasons why the atmosphere is so pleasant. After the lessons there are always things to do and lots of choices for your free time! I think there is really no time to get bored. I cannot do anything but suggesting this school to anyone!


Takumi Nagatsuka

Country: Japan - Source: Testimonial

takumi nagatsuka student of italian language in florence

After attending an intensive course at the Italian language school for 8 months, I followed an internship at the Marketing Department of the school. As I didn't know exactly which kind of internship to select, the staff of the school helped me so much to choose the field of Internship and company.
During my stage, I used to work with translations and creations of websites.
I went very well with colleagues and therefore even now, that the internship is over, we are still in contact.
I got a lot of technical knowledge, and I’m very happy to have had this experience.
Thank you all!"


Martyna Jurgaś

Country: Poland - Source: Testimonial

martyna jurgas student of italian language intensive course in Florence

I am extremely happy that I had such possibility to participate in the course in Leonardo da Vinci school.The level of teaching and the atmosphere that I found there were one of the best things that I've had during my stay in Italy. Already after few weeks, I could notice that the level of my Italian language was significantly improved. Monica has been my teacher for 3 months. Undoubtedly I can say that I owe her how much I have learnt. The classes were very interesting, we have never been bored. She is a person who is always full of energy, cheerful and nice, whose energy makes us eager to learn Italian even when the grammar gave us a hard time. In addition, in the first days of the course I already made friends from different countries. I hope that our friendship will last for years. At the end, I think that I don’t have to encourage anybody to come to Florence. If somebody has already been here even for a moment, then he knows this breathtaking charm of that city.


Roya Nadafi

Country: Usa - Source: Student Survery

Roya Nadafi student of italian language courses in Florence

I really liked the friendly staff of the school both in Firenze and Milano. Everybody was trying to help to accommodate and put together a reasonable content to the lectures based on my time and interest.
What I really liked was the one – one attention I have received from my instructors customizing the lecture base on the topics I picked and they really guided me through the important element of the content. They empowered the lecture artfully, to encourage a sense of curiosity, creativity and inspiration relevant to the topic.
They were right to the point with the questions I asked and were very helpful to work around it whenever I was short in my Italian. I also, really enjoyed having the design lectures in Italian language in Milano.

Conny Ernst

Age: 53 - Country: Swiss - Source: Testimonial

Conny Ernst student of Dolce Vita program in Florence

I can highly recommend this course at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci, especially when traveling alone in Florence. La Dolce Vita program provides many appealing excursions and you will get to meet many people.

Donatella, who is a teacher at the school and also the guide of the excursions, has a lot of experience, and is always ready to answer your questions.

Many thanks to all for the unforgettable memories here in Florence.
Yours Sincerely, Conny

Sadek Matar

Age: 20 - Country: Israel - Source: Testimonial

Sadek Matar student of italian language courses in Florence

Thanks for the wonderful experience. My Italian has improved a lot. Thanks to the fantastic teachers and the secretary. I love you!

Aletta Magyar

Age: 37 - Country: Hungary - Source: Testimonial

Aletta Magyar - Internship course in Florence

Hi, I'm from Hungary. I did a stage in Scuola Leonardo da Vinci for 3 months in the marketing office. And I was very lucky because I could frequent an Italian language course. I think Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is the best choice to learn italian. My knowledge has improved a lot and I have studied a lot about the italian life, too. My teachers, Ester and Gianni are really very very good teachers. I was so sorry when I finished the course because I really enjoyed go every day to school. There are students from everywhere, and I like these international ambient of Scuola Leonardo. I hope I can return in future because Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is the best way to learn Italian language.





Ivan Bertolozzi

Age: 64 - Country: Brasil - Source: Testimonial

Ivan Bertolozzi student of italian language courses in FlorenceA short story about a Brazilian

This year I made the decision to come to Italy to request Italian citizenship as I had this right, thanks to having an Italian father who was born in Tuscany. For the first time in my life, I wanted to learn the language, because I didn’t feel it was right to have citizenship without knowing the language, the culture, the people and Italian history.

Looking for information on the internet, I found the Leonardo da Vinci School for foreigners and immediately emailed them to ask about the set-up and how to go about enrolling on the Elementary I standard Italian course, the most basic of all, given that I had never learnt Italian and only knew “good morning” and “good night”. For me, the word “pomeriggio” was some kind of cheese!

The school helped me with everything, even to find an apartment to rent in Florence that was a decent price. After just fifteen days, I arrived in Florence on 6th May 2013 and started learning the language. What fear that you can have about something that is unknown, soon vanished, because the school was exactly how it presented itself on the website.

The teachers were all professionals who did their job with passion and dedication and gave all the support that the students needed, so as to teach you how to really speak Italian.

Today, after four months studying in Florence, I can speak Italian with anyone. I certainly still get things wrong, but for someone who didn’t speak or understand anything, I think I got on really well. If I could recommend a good school to someone, I would have no doubts about recommending the Leonardo da Vinci School.

I will always remember the teachers and students who I met during this period at the Leonardo da Vinci School.

Felix Pesce

Age: 48 - Country: USA - Source: Testimonial

Felix Pesce student of italian language courses in Florence

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is very good! I learned many things from the teachers here. They are always ready to help me when I need it.




Mariana Inojosa

Age: 32 - Country: Brazil - Source: Testimonial

Mariana Inojosa student of italian language courses in FlorenceMy name is Mariana, I’m Brazilian and I’m in Florence for the first time to learn Italian for three months.

After doing a lot of research on the internet, I chose the Leonardo da Vinci school.
I had the opportunity to learn Italian with a variety of teachers, each week with a different one.
It's an amazing experience as I have had the chance to learn a little about Italy, its culture, the masters of sculpture, literature and also to get to know many people from all over the world; it was an unforgettable experience.

The school always gave me the support I needed, providing me with plenty of information to make my stay in Florence easier.

Thank you for everything.

Tsuyoshi Harada

Age: 21 - Country: Japan - Source: Testimonial

Tsuyoshi Harada student of italian language courses in Florence

Since I needed to know Italian language for my job, I chose the Intensive PLUS-10. The reason to attend private lessons was to allow me to communicate in a better way and as quickly as possible.

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